The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog~MVP Talks Hyper-V in Taiwan

The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog~MVP Talks Hyper-V in Taiwan


2011-8-8 上午 10-51-12

Virtualization is a hot topic in Taiwan, and Hyper-V MVP Jerry Zhou is helping drive the conversation in a recent interview with iTHome, one of Taiwan’s biggest online/offline magazines. Jerry talks about his recent books, Hyper-V R2 Virtualization Technology Cluster(Hyper-V R2 虛擬化技術) and Hyper-V Virtualization Technology 101 (Hyper-V虛擬化技術101問), describing how Microsoft Hyper-V enables more advanced capabilities to businesses.

While there are quite a few books available that discuss VMware vSphere in traditional Chinese, Jerry’s books are some of the few that help IT pros understand the benefits of deploying Hyper-V Server 2008 R2.

Through his blog and his books, Jerry has committed himself to helping the community increase IT efficiency and agility through Hyper-V. “Businesses will benefit if they know how to implement Hyper –V as a reliable and optimized virtualization solution, improving server utilization and reducing costs,” he explained.

You can see Jerry’s interview here:

And find his books here:

Hyper-V R2 叢集虛擬化技術 ISBN: 9789868689206

Hyper-V虛擬化技術101問 ISBN: 9789866382376




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