New ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Release

摘要:New ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Release

2007/06/06 ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit又更新版本了

這個控制項可以用來取代scriptmanager及像是partial class般的


  • More than 125 bug fixes


  • Extended client side event support - new client side event handler extensibility points are available with common toolkit server controls


  • ASP.NET Validation Controls now work with the Toolkit Controls


  • Accessibility fixes: Slider and AutoComplete have support for high contrast and other controls have JAWS accessibility support built-in when doing AJAX callbacks.


  • Animation support: More toolkit controls now have generic animation support built-in


  • Nice design mode improvements for the controls, including: 1) designer support for the TabContainer. You can now select/add/remove tabs within the tabcontainer directly from the designer, and you can directly edit both the content and the title, 2) page methods can now automatically be generated for those extender controls that call web-services, 3) nice icon support within the toolbox.

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