bluehost make https and secure, bluehost https

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bluehost make https and secure, bluehost https

I based on my experience, introduce how to make bluehost https and secure, 

but I write this article after I success make https few days later, so my memory is little unclear,  just for reference


1. Login to bluehost, and go to addons

2. Scroll down to SSL certificates,  and click learn more

3. (I don't  give screenshot this step) I simply use WordPress Free SSL works, notice that you should install on the correct domain in the right upper corner

4. You need to activate SSL, see this link How to activate a free WordPress SSL Certificate

5. Modify .htacess flie in your domain root folder, Follow this instruction : Force SSL on all pages

In my case I can't see .htacess flie by File Manager in BlueHost, So I use FileZilla conncect to BlueHost then can see it and modify.


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