Uninstall VS2015 Update 1 stuck hang, windows app certification kit

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  • 2018-01-23

Uninstall VS2015 Update 1 stuck hang, hang at windows app certification kit 

To uninstall VS2015 Update1, the method I use, first go to official page to download VS2015 Update1 exe,


or find here:



the file name I download is  en_visual_studio_community_2015_with_update_1_x86_x64_web_installer_8234321.exe

then use CMD execute in Administrator Mode,

then execute the command 

YourFolderPath\en_visual_studio_community_2015_with_update_1_x86_x64_web_installer_8234321.exe  /uninstall /force


But it stuck at windows app certification kit more than 30 minutes.


Finally I change my account to Administrator as the image show below,

and log in the uninstall again,

at the windows app certification kit   original stuck point, 

it succesfully jump out an asking window say that,

the uninstall tool of windows app certification kit  is not found,

and ask me if I want to cancel skip and continue uninstall progress?   

I click cancel, then finally it completed uninstall.