typescript function not define in html

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typescript function not define in html

cannot ie breakpoint typescript

cannot debug  typescript IE

typescript js not load to browser

cannot add breakpoint to typescript function

typescript function not definition

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typescript js file not show in IE


In my case, I add a function in a ts file,  and use that function in html file, 

but when the page loading, IE tells me the function is not defined even I reference the js file which ts generated,

also, if I open the ts file in the IE developer tool,  I can't add break point to any line of that function,

just like that function can be seen but isn't reachable and touchable.



And after lots of trying, I find the solution by following these steps:

1. Build the project where ts file in, and check the generated js file generated is updated, and the new added function is in js file

2.Clear IE cache following this link: https://refreshyourcache.com/en/internet-explorer-11/  

in my case then the error is solved. all works again!